Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Open Windows

Open Windows
Quilt of Valor
61 x 73 inches
Open Windows is Quilt of Valor #82, which means I have completed 32 Quilts of Valor in 2015 - far more than I ever imagined were possible. The Shoo Fly blocks, featured on Monday's post, were used to create this top.

The last ten quilts have been made almost exclusively from the scrap bins. Yardage is only cut for background (white or off-white) and borders - sometimes the borders are remnants of previous quilt backs.

Just to clarify - when I finish a quilt and have "odd" sizes of fabric left over, rather than stuff it into a sack or box I cut it into sizes that can be used in various blocks. I start with the largest remnant and cut whatever that remnant allows; i.e., 10" squares, 8" squares, 6.5" squares, 5" squares, 4.5" squares, 3.5" squares, 2.5" squares and/or strips. I also try to cut some "bricks" which are 3.5 x 6.5 inches. These elements are then stacked in plastic bins and boxes and ready whenever needed. Bonnie Hunter calls this technique of scrap control: Scrap User's System. (click on the link for more details)

Thankfully, I've found a lady in Lander who welcomes smaller strings (2" or smaller) of scraps, so those scraps are given to her. Very little fabric is wasted which is a very good thing.

Cotton, quilting fabric pricing is all over the board: in some shops, the fabric is nearly $12 -14 a yard. Many shops also have clearance areas where fabric is 30 - 40% off, but selection is very limited; thus, it pays to use every possible bit of fabric.


  1. That is awesome! What a great way to control your scraps and be prepared to make the next one.

  2. I need to tame my scrap bin again. I actually cleaned out a smaller bin yesterday afternoon and refolded any large chunks of fabric. But then I tossed the smaller pieces into my big scrap bin. Now I need to get in there and cut again into squares, bricks, and strips.

    I love how this quilt shows off a secondary design when you put the blocks together.

  3. Our windows are open...oddly enough Nancy! We are having thunder storms and 60s. UNHEARD of for us iN Chicago. I want your snow!

  4. 32 quilts? What an accomplishment! You are amazing Nancy!
    Open Windows is beautiful.

  5. It's been so long since I've purchased nice fabric, I didn't realize the price had gone up that high. Yikes. It certainly is a good idea to save and use as many scraps as possible, and it sounds like you are doing an outstanding job!!!

    This quilt is another beauty. I love knowing it will make some deserving Vet very happy.

  6. Very pretty! Merry Christmas, Nancy!


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