Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Missouri Star Quilt Company

Marilyn and Brenda outside the original Missouri Star Quilt Company store
Hamilton, MO
August 2015

Brenda, Marilyn, and I saw numerous interesting and fun things on our August road trip across Kansas, but our primary destination was the Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC) in Hamilton, MO.

I would be willing to bet that eight out of ten quilters have seen at least one of Jenny Doan's many YouTube quilting videos. Jenny Doan and her family started with the original store (shown above) in 2008 and have since expanded the business by purchasing and refurbishing other old buildings in the small town. They have turned Hamilton, MO into a quilting mecca.

The MSQC has six fabric shops:
 Main (original) shop 

    Sew Seasonal  (featuring fabrics for specific seasons)
Batiks Shop
Licensed to Sew 
(trademark fabrics, i.e. sport teams, cartoon characters, brand names)
Penney's Quilt Shop (featuring solid & minky fabrics)

Before the MSQC came to Hamilton, MO, these buildings were empty and crumbling. This block houses Sew Seasonal, Batik Boutique, Man's Land (being renovated & will be opened in 2016), MSQC Welcome Center, Licensed to Sew, Penney's Quilt Shop.

Across the street, other small businesses and restaurants were scattered among the MSQC shops.

Missouri Star Mercantile (featuring reproduction fabrics)

Marilyn and Brenda select fabric in the Mercantile
Seeing all of the fabric and quilts on display was nearly overwhelming. Brenda purchased several yards of Kansas Troubles fabric for a Jacob's Ladder quilt. Marilyn said she would make the quilt if Brenda was our driver for the trip.

Sewing Center
MSQC also offers extended retreats for quilters, and the Sewing Center building has classroom space on the main floor and lodging upstairs.

Sewing Center classroom space is well lit and open. The open doors at the back of this photo are bedrooms for handicapped individuals. The staircase on the right leads to the dormitory rooms for retreat attendees. 

future home of the MSQC Knitting Shop
The MSQC continues to grow and will soon have a knitting shop.

Jenny Doan

We ate lunch at a Subway next to the Penney's Quilt Shop, and as we were nearly finished eating, we noticed Jenny Doan sitting by the entrance visiting with a gentleman. Our trip to Hamilton and the MSQC was complete.


  1. What an amazing place. How would you even pick a fabric....yikes.

  2. Looks like a quilter's paradise! They must have anything and everything a quilter could ever want or need.

  3. Sounds like an exciting trip. I love the art on the outside wall of the building!

  4. I'm not a quilter, but this sounds SO cool! I love that they have created a knitting Mecca. Really amazing. Love the photos.

  5. I have read about her business (and her son's vision for her) turning that town around and would love to visit. Does she still live there too?

  6. Oh my goodness - FABRIC OVERLOAD! I don't even know how you'd begin to shop! If I had something really specific in mind, that would be the ticket, because I'm sure I'd find it there!

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  8. Beautiful!!! so much fabric. WOWZA. Thanks for taking us along

  9. This is one of the places on my bucket list. Our guild is considering this as the destination for our next bus trip. Could be fun couldn't it

  10. It does sound like quilter's heaven! I love to hear a business success story like that. So glad you got that trip.

  11. I'm going on a bus trip there next spring and now I REALLY can't wait to go.


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