Monday, November 30, 2015

Bandage Brigade

Rachel B. displays the bandage she is knitting
with crochet thread for the
 D.O.V.E. Fund Bandage Brigade Project 
Rachel presented several crafting for charity options to Guild members at the October meeting. One project piqued my interest because I had a lot of crochet thread in my stash.

The D.O.V.E. Fund has a Bandage Brigade for creating crocheted or knitted bandages for Vietnamese people suffering from leprosy. The bandages are created with white, cream, or ecru size 10 crochet cotton. The knitted version is 28 stitches wide (approximately 4 inches) and 40 inches long - all garter stitch for easy knitting.

one bandage finished and laundered
another bandage started
November 2015
I have one bandage finished and another one started. It's an easy project to work on in the evenings while "watching" television or a movie or while chatting at knitting night.

Information on the project and instructions for knitting or crocheting the bandages can be found here.

According to the website, the handmade bandages breathe well and can be sterilized for reuse.

When finished, the bandages must be laundered, rolled, and secured with a large safety pin. I'll knit four or five before sending them to the Bandage Brigade headquarters.

Won't you consider knitting or crocheting one or more of these much-needed bandages.


  1. This looks like a great charity project. I've bookmarked the site for later. My mother-in-law used to knit bandages like these and I always thought I might want to also.

  2. Who would of ever thought...knitted bandages...such a great idea!!

  3. I will give it a whirl, crochet of course. I will look for the thread today. Thanks Nancy:)

  4. What a great project, especially for a beginner. I wonder if I could learn to knit with such a project.

  5. Fascinating! You give so much Nancy!!!

  6. What an interesting project. I love how your use your creativity for good. g


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