Monday, November 16, 2015

Can You Believe It?

blue suede shoes
Neat Repeat
Lander, WY
November 2015

Look what I spied in Lander recently - Blue Suede Shoes!  

I nearly burst out in song. 


  1. Never seen them before but I do know the song:)

  2. WOW!! Who will be the lucky person to buy those:)

  3. NO KIDDING? Blue Suede Shoes!! They would be great for a show or a costume...if they fit!!

  4. What a great deal~!!! They are darling

  5. They look pretty comfortable to me! I have a pair that might qualify as blue suede shoes! One of my favorite casual shoes.

  6. Thanks for sharing Elvis. I haven't seen that clip before. My goodness he was cute!


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