Friday, November 27, 2015

Foreign Friday

Nancy at a traffic control site
rural Japan
Fall 1979
I apologize if this photo has been shared before. This old bike and policeman were placed on this rural road to slow traffic. If I remember correctly this was on the road to Lake Towada or near Towada City.

Behind me is a harvested rice filed.

Rice harvest photos can be seen on this post.

Rice planting can be seen on this post.


  1. LOL

    Sort of like the "dummy" patrol cars they use in rural Florida sometimes.

    He didn't seem to mind you "borrowing" his motorcycle.

  2. Ha! That's pretty cute. Now I know for sure that you were a motorcycle babe at one time!

  3. I dont remember seeing this one Nancy> HOW FUN!!! Motorcycle lady!

  4. No helmet! I bet that was a fun ride! :)

  5. LOL, you sure did have fun there.

  6. I wonder how this field looks today? You certainly had some wonderfully fun and interesting experiences while you were there.


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