Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Grateful Heart


Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving.  
Psalm 50:14

It seems appropriate today to share a prayer from My Personal Daily Prayer Book by Christine A. Dallman & Margaret Anne Huffman

November 26

"Lord, I know it's not enough just to say the words thank you when a blessing, a kindness, or a gift comes my way. Verbalizing my thanks is a good start, but words are not the essence of gratitude. What I really desire, heavenly Father, is to have a grateful heart - a heart that so relishes love, mercy, grace, and all good things that it glows with appreciation long after receiving your many blessings. Teach me this kind of thankfulness, Lord, and let it inspire those around me to a deeper sense of gratitude as well."


  1. A beautiful Prayer. Thankful foryou Nancy! Someday we'll meet

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Nancy!! and yes... Gratefulness...we need to be reminded daily...thank you!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was a good one! Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer.

  5. Lovely, Nancy. I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving.

  6. Amen! I hope you had a very nice day, Nancy!


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