Cautiously Optimistic

Previously, I posted about my comments being rejected by most blogs and bouncing back to me. The situation continued to nag at me because I missed the interaction of the bloggers replying to my comments. I knew there had to be a solution. My fingers are crossed, but I think I've found a way around the bouncing. My "fix" has worked for nearly two weeks now, so I am optimistic.

Several years ago, I was advised to create two blogger profiles and to allow both to have administrative capabilities, and now I now why.

I used my Yahoo email account exclusively for my blog and for posting comments. It worked for nearly seven years. Then suddenly, it was not recognized for comments, and they began bouncing back to me.

If you are experiencing the same issue, here is my solution.

• you must have a different email account that is active

•  you must create a new blogger profile, using that email

•  invite the new email/blogger account to become an author to your existing blog

Note that BOTH of my account are designated as Administrator
•  even though both accounts are shown here as Administrators, the Tired Teacher account has NOT been activated yet. An email will be sent to this address and must be acknowledged in order for the account to be verified and activated.

•  once the new author has been activated, make sure it is listed as an Administrator. Use the pull down menu to make it also a blog administrator

•  sign out of your blog with the old account; however, make sure that the new email has been activated with blogger and is listed as an Administrator BEFORE doing this

• sign in to your blog with the new account - you MAY have to use a different browser (I did)

•  the problem should now be fixed - just make sure that the account that is signed in is NOT the account that has been bouncing.

Here is a link that I found helpful:
Move a blog between accounts


  1. For me the real mystery remains - WHY did that original account start bouncing? So strange, but I'm glad you found a solution that works. I know that on my laptop, different browsers sure act differently with blogs and other websites. Right now I use Chrome for most things, but we have some state Dept of Ed online tools that require IE or Firefox. So I keep them all installed.

  2. Thank you! I haven't had that problem, but I do have two email accounts, and get a bit irritated when I have to switch back and forth. I will try making both administrator accounts.

  3. THAT'S why you are now "Tired Teacher".

    I had that problem of going "no-reply". I'm hoping that the change I made to my settings fixed that. Blogger can be a bit of a bugger, but hey --- it's free.

  4. TIred teacher! You figured it out! Hooray. I love comments, both leaving them and receiving them. So I'd be bummed out if my comments were OFF

  5. Hi Nancy, I am getting some notifications that my comment was undeliverable as an email. The comment appears on the blog ...BUT just doesn't go to the blogger as an email. I haven't worried about it.
    Glad you found a fix! It might be an issue for me but probably not:)

  6. I made a copy of your post. Some time back I had someone ask me about exactly this problem but I can't remember who. If they ask again I will have the solution.

    My problem is that Blogger has suddenly stopped sending my comments to me by email. Now I have to copy the comment from the site and paste it on an email to the commenter with my reply. There must be a way to fix that too!

  7. This is insightful, but I'm not going to lie Nancy, I don't have the energy in me to be more efficient and effective with my blog administration. I'm trying to work on better posts and photos before I can graduate to that level! I'm really impressed with your troubleshooting. Way to suss it out. I know a lot of us will benefit! One day I will sort it out. I have 2 email accounts, but one that I actively use...

  8. All right, way to go! I wondered at your new "name"!


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