Back in Time - Pepper

Rich & Pepper
approx. 1982
Pepper was born about a mile from where he ultimately grew up - the offspring of my cousin Bob's dog. Pepper was the only long-haired pup in the litter.

While we had several dogs on the farm over the years (Rover, Ring, Muffin, Cocoa, Penny, Red), Pepper's personality made him unique and very special; he was friendly and not the least bit aggressive although he would playfully nibble at clothing when he wanted attention. He rode in the cab of the tractor with my brother (photo above), on the seat in the truck and pickup and car, on the four-wheeler. Pepper would even attempt to talk if prompted. He had a lot of personality.

One hot summer, my mother had Pepper groomed, and he looked handsome and completely different. A photo can be seen on this previous post.


  1. They hold special places in our hearts.

  2. Nothing better than a shaggy dog! :-) Pepper looks so different in the "groomed" picture.

    Pepper isn't the only handsome one in the photo. Your brother is pretty handsome too. ;-)

  3. My husband had a dog named Pepper that looked so much like that!

  4. Those great dogs do give us so much enjoyment. We had a couple of really exceptional ones over the years too. Our border collie, Betty, was the most special dog we ever had.

    But the past 13 years it's just been a very special cat because our crazy work lives don't make dog owning work very well. Maybe some day we'll retire and get a dog again.

  5. A good dog is such a great companion! Good picture of the two of them.

  6. Pepper was a handsome pup! Coming from one who is owned by a "talking" dog, I can tell you that a dog with personality is a joy to live with.


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