Sock Rockets - review

addi Turbo Sock Rockets
16 inch length - US size 2
March 2015
Two years ago, I wrote a review on the addi Turbo Sock Rockets needles, and you may remember that my biggest complaint was the length of the needle - 24 inches was the shortest needle available. I am happy to report that addi must have listened to its sock knitting customers, because they now offer Turbo Sock Rockets in a 16 inch length.

My needles were purchased from Webs a couple of months ago, but I've also seen them listed on several websites. Be prepared to wait, as they tend to be listed as "on backorder" frequently.

My thoughts: 

If you like metal needles, these might be what you have been seeking. The needle/cable joins are smooth (one of mine is a bit rough, but I can live with it) - much smoother than Knit Picks needles. The needles are NOT inexpensive (like Knit Picks), so if cost is an issue, I would stick with Knit Picks.

I give the addi Turbo Sock Rockets (16 inch length) a "thumbs up." Thank you, Skacel for listening to your customers.


  1. i have an an addi turbo sock needle that i love…it is very small…the first couple of rounds of the ribbing are a bit tough but after that it is full speed ahead…and yes it was expensive but i loooooooove addi turbo needles

  2. It's really nice to hear that a company listened to its customers and made a change! It is so nice to have the right length on smooth needles to knit socks or lace. It makes a difference!!

  3. I have never tried socks on two circs but I think I will. I love Addi Turbo needles but I also love Knit Picks Rosewood dpns.

    I love the color of your socks!

  4. Im a wooden needle gal, but I still enjoyed your review

  5. Are those different from regular 16" Addi Turbo circulars? (from one who knows nothing). Beautiful socks, but I would expect nothing less. :-) And about that weather, hope you get spring soon. I did get a walk today just as it was starting to rain. At least it wasn't snow!

  6. Did you get used to the longer length after awhile? Pretty socks you have on those needles.

  7. Hum. Now, the real question do the needles speed up your knitting? Rather than work with 4 dp needles I take it you work on each side of the two circular needles? I would probably end up with one side 10 rows longer than the other! Great looking socks on your needles.


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