Quilt of Valor Sew-in

sewing scraps into blocks on Friday evening
Friday evening and all day Saturday, I took part in the local Quilt of Valor Sew-in. In preparation for the weekend,  I decided to use my overflowing 2 1/2 inch scraps to make four-patches and then opted to combine the four-patch blocks with some half-square triangles (HSTs) to create Jacob's Ladder blocks for Quilt of Valor #61.

Prior to the sew-in, I prepared the three sections that made up each block, and Friday evening, I worked on sewing the three sections together and giving the blocks a good press.

The light on my sewing machine burned out on Friday evening, so without the portable Ott light, it would have been difficult to see what I was doing. My machine is over 10 years old, so I guess it was about time for the light to burn out.

Note the quilt on the floor in the upper right of the photo. The young woman who was making it had not prior sewing experience before Saturday morning. She had the sewing machine humming after one of the coordinators gave her some instruction.

Nancy adds the last row of blocks to QOV #61
Saturday, March 28, 2015
Saturday morning, the layout of the blocks was determined, and I began assembling the rows and finally the quilt top itself.


  1. Sounds like your kind of weekend, sometimes it is great just to focus on one project! :)

  2. Nancy How wonderful to SEE you in these images. Great work. You look engrossed in the beauty of it

  3. I hope they appreciate the work that goes into those quilts!!! So glad you enjoy doing it.

  4. You have inspired me Nancy! I bought supplies to make a baby quilt for the new grandbaby to be. I hope I can do as well as the first time sewer you mentioned in your post.

  5. Ott Light to the rescue!! Yes, what a lot of work, but for such a good cause. The room must have really been buzzing! LOL.

  6. ..............and another one is almost in the books.

    Looks like the new quilter made some pretty amazing progress.

  7. Is that smoke I see coming from your machine? :) You are stitching up a storm for a wonderful cause. You're as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

  8. Look at you busy sewing away. I love my Ott lights :) That young gal looks like she did a great job.


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