Thursday, March 5, 2015


exhibited at Fremont County Fair
approx. 2012

The young woman who painted this zebra did not attribute the quote to anyone, and oddly I found two individuals online who are given credit.

Despite the source, the words are profound and should be displayed in every school. Students should be encouraged to be creative, independent thinkers and inventors. It's currently the season of testing in nearly every school in Wyoming (probably the nation); a season where children are assessed to determine if they fit into the niche that some bureaucrat thinks is "ideal," a niche where everyone is the same.

Most veteran educators know that the pendulum of ideology swings broadly and that eventually those in authority will come to their senses and precipitate the swing back to a less constrained approach to educating the future leaders of this country. Personally, I think this swing is long overdue and that if it does not change direction soon, America will lose an entire generation of creative thinkers.

Many of today's young teachers have been trained in the testing and standardization era and will find it difficult to change the style of their teaching, but change they must. America's future depends on it.


  1. I think it is high time we look at other education systems that work...maybe Japan or China...we are being left in the dust:(

  2. Adding a standing ovation with applause and an AMEN!

  3. Amen! I'm leading an online book study right now with a small group of teachers reading about innovation, creativity, and authentic problem-solving in the classroom. Assessment is important, but shouldn't be the main focus of instruction.

  4. That was the hardest thing for me when I started homeschooling. After being a public school teacher, and even being frustrated that I couldn't teach to each student, it was hard to get out of the mindset.

  5. Well said. And I think that painting of the zebra with the quote is fantastic.

  6. Oh Nancy, we need voices like yours in places of leadership! I have seen the trend since my own kids were in school, and I can tell you that if they were school age now I would be home-schooling. They and I fought for their right to be individuals even so many years ago. They are active, contributing citizens now so I know we did the right things, even though we were at odds with the system. Thanks for an important post!

  7. Beautiful art ----- beautiful sentiment.

  8. Love the quote and the art work.

  9. I love the art, the quote and your wisdom. Bravo!! I'm grateful for the wonderful educators in my life, and for "meeting" you!


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