Thursday, January 15, 2015

Reliving Childhood Memories

Christmas Day 2014
After we finished eating Christmas dinner, Marilyn posed the question about a memorable gift we received in the past. Not many could recall a specific gift, so we started talking about past Christmas gatherings. Somehow, the conversation turned to a particular Christmas celebrated at Bull Mountain Ranch near Laramie, WY, and I mentioned a gift that Chris had received that year - a storage bag for his Darkwing Duck figurines that his mother (Maria) had made and painted for him.

Chris' face brightened as he remembered a favored toy from his childhood. Then, Harold said there was a Darkwing Duck bag in the storage garage. Chris asked if they could go get it right then, so coats and shoes were donned, and flashlights gathered, and off they went in search of a treasured childhood toy. They returned with the denim bag with Darkwing Duck characters and a Darkwing Duck airplane, and suddenly everyone at the table was transported back to an earlier Christmas.

The happiness I saw on Chris' face as he examined and explained each character was priceless. He received these toys when he was four or five, and now some 20+ years later, he was swept back to cherished memories. He was beaming!

Have you saved any of your own favorite toys or those of your children/grand children?


  1. Yes, I have one of those metal dollhouses with the furniture and all. It is up in the attic and when my Granddaughter was around 6 years I brought it down and set it all up for her to play with....she wasn't impressed. Guess it was special just for me. What a precious picture you captured!

  2. I have a favorite life-size baby doll from my childhood. She sits in my basement family room/office area in my mother's rocking chair with the doll quilt my father's mother made for me when I was 5. I enjoy it every day.

    And I also have one of the metal dollhouses. I just saw it over Christmas when we cleaned and reorganized our storage area. It is packed in the original box even. My dad added a little wiring and lights in the rooms. Pretty special.

    Thanks for triggering some good memories this morning.

  3. Fun! I don't...but my husband has his train set! :)

  4. It was fun to hear Chris explain what each character done. Great memories.

  5. This is such a great story. What a thrill for Chris.

  6. What a beautiful story! That's what Christmas is about--families sharing the best of themselves and their lives. Bless the person who saved those toys! I have a suitcase full of things I have saved for our kids. My favorite are the notes I wrote to each of them and their notes in response. Some are so funny and other endearing to the point of tears.

  7. I love that! Chris certainly DOES look happy.

    We have Stephen's first bear, Kerby and we have two construction toys that belonged to Steve's uncle when he was a young boy. They are probably from the 1930's.

  8. I've saved some puppets that my children loved of Wizard of OZ characters. Their little ones can play with them someday

  9. What fun! I have never heard of Darkwing Duck. I did save the little figures that came in kids' meals at fast foods, as long as they were nice quality ones. Over the years they've become complete junk, but when our kids were little, they were pretty nice usually. I have them in a tote and grandkids and all little kids who come to visit play with them. :-))

  10. Hum, I have saved some of my kids toys -- Brio trains, Legos and Cabbage Patch dolls and the grands love to play with them. I've saved favorite dolls and doll clothes. But my oldest favored toy is a bunny I had as a toddler. Usually around Easter I gather all the bunnies from around the house and decorate with them. Lots of fun to pull them out and enjoy them.

  11. What fun! Yes, I have some of my childhood treasures. I should pull out Virginia (a rag doll) and Paw (my security blanket)...


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