Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fun and Games

It's hard to form words with only vowels and one blank
Brenda (my niece) and I played several games of Scrabble over the holiday.

We assembled five puzzles (the smaller ones proved to be more difficult than the larger ones). Note the missing sky piece. I found it on the floor after the puzzle was taken apart.

Brenda and Sabid enter the team names while Dwight gives
Maria some bowling tips and pointers. 
On Saturday, the whole crew (10 of us) met at the bowling alley for three games of guys versus gals. Oh my, did we have a blast! We laughed, hooted, and shimmied as pins fell or didn't fall. Honestly, I couldn't tell you which team won because we had so much fun.

Sabid and Brenda
Maria and Dwight
Maria celebrates her strike!
Steph, Chris with Grandpa Harold
Marilyn, Maria, Chris, Steph, Harold, and Justin
December 2014
Back at the house, the Aggravation game saw a workout, too, which resulted in some fun, yet heated, competition.

What did your family do for fun during the holidays?


  1. Such fun! It looks like y'all added a lot of wonderful memories to your memory vault over the holidays! Here's wishing you a new year filled with many more!

  2. The bowling looked like a hoot! It's been a while since I''ve seen the "kids;" they sure have grown up. Yikes. Probably wouldn't recognize them. Go glad you all had fun playing games. The puzzle looks like a doozie, though.

    We put one puzzle together and played some guitar.

  3. Looks like a great way to spend family time.

    We spent Christmas day watching movies that Stephen brought with him. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy and a bunch of really old Japanese black and whites. It was a wonderfully relaxing day!

  4. Boy do I ever wish I lived near you! That all looks like fun. I haven't played scrabble or gone bowling in years. I can't even remember the last time I worked a puzzle.

  5. Wow, that was fantastic family time. We had a lot of fun of the hooting and laughing kind, but mostly It was football, football, football at our house. Since I do not particularly enjoy football it gave me a lot of knitting time while I pretended to be watching.

  6. Played UP words and A Card game called Phase 10

  7. Also wanted to say your bowling family time looks really fuN!!!!

  8. If you like scrabble you may like Banangrams. Have you tried that game yet Nancy? It's similar but very portable and great to take to a dinner invitation or holidays. We also played a random story building game where everyone drew a card and had to build a story using what was on their card and then the next person drew and built onto it.

  9. Looks like great fun. I've got to drag out puzzle! Every time I see your blog title lately, I laugh. I suspect that the breezes have turned into beastly harsh winds!

  10. Scrabble, Puzzles, Bowling with your favorite family and friends? You are living the dream Nancy! Looks like so much fun. I was just talking about how it's time for some family bowling.

  11. Sounds like fun to me, too! We often get out Bananagram here, too, but haven't played Scrabble for a long time. Did a few puzzles with Max and was surprised how well he "gets it" as he just turned 3. Of course, yours has lots more pieces. LOL

  12. A couple of puzzles, spoons and trivia in teams...guys versus is always fun. I should get out our scrabble board and dictionary yes we have one of those to challenge words...we used to play all the time. I love to play husband not so much.
    Really cold here like -45 with the wind chills...brrrr:(


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