Thursday, January 8, 2015

Emma's Cowl

Dutch Shepherd
(approx. 11 weeks old - November 2014)
Emma became a part of my nephew's family in November, and she accompanied Dwight and his wife Maria to Denver for Christmas. Now, 4 months old she is larger but is still a rambunctious puppy, full of love and mischief. She was constantly on the move, so I decided to use this older photo of her.

Emma's Cowl
The knitting bag I took to Denver did not have a zipper closure (I must remedy that in the future), and Emma was fascinated with its contents. If the bag was left unattended, she would grab one of the balls of yarn; therefore, I decided to name this project: Emma's Cowl.

Emma's Cowl - the frogged edition
The first edition of the cowl was frogged. I could not believe that I twisted the stitches on the first round and fought with it until I saw the problem. Once I corrected the twist, the cowl progressed nicely.

The cowl is based on Sixes and Threes Cowl by Very Pink. The pattern is free with yarn purchase, but since I have more than my fair share of sock yarn, I decided to surge forward on my own. The plain sections of my cowl are 8 inches long, and there are 11 stripes of each color in the striped sections. (In hindsight, I would knit 10 inches in the plain sections and a corresponding number of stripes to reach the same length. I would also use a size 5 needle since I tend to knit more tightly than most knitters)

Stitch count: 60 stitches (use a provisional cast on)

Needles: US, size 4 (16 inch circular)

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill (Dove, Burgundy, Teal Green, fingering weight) each skein is 420 yards

Even though I am close to the gauge given on the Very Pink Knits site, I am not happy with the length of the cowl. Since I think I have an adequate amount of yarn remaining, I am going to knit another round of repeats.


  1. I've never seen a Dutch Shepard!! cool.
    I love your cowl I like how the colors are weaving in lines and blocks. :)

  2. Emma is adorable! When I first started reading, I thought you were making her a cowl. She might want one in the next few days. lol

  3. She is a pretty little dog a Dutch Shepherd...will be fun to see what she looks like when she gets older! Those are some great colors in the cowl! Stay warm:)

  4. I have done it--that twisty stitch thing! I'm so glad you continued on with the cowl because it is lovely. Emma is precious. How could you let her leave? Haha that's how we got Max, I fell in love with him and begged our daughter to let us keep him.

  5. I think Emma would approve of the cowl!! I know I do!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  6. Emma is sitting still for the photo??? What a cutie!

    The cowl is even more beautiful in person. The greens or teals are really pretty combs with the red. Love the pattern!

  7. Oh my gosh .....Emma is ADORABLE! LOOK AT THOSE EARS!!!

    Can't wait to see "her" cowl. Maybe she will model it for you when you are finished.

  8. Emma is beautiful. She's lucky you appreciate curiosity. The cowl is nice too!

  9. Love those ears! She looks SO alert. Your/her cowl is going to be very pretty!

  10. Hi Nancy, What a beautiful dog, I never knew that there was another breed of Shepard. I had 2 German Shepard's when I was very young. Dutch Shepard's have beautiful coloring . your cowl is beautiful I love the colors you chose. I'm going to make 2 one for my daughter's.


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