Thursday, January 22, 2015

Back in Time - Little Red Wagon

Jerry S.
approximately 1941 or 1942
near Pavillion, WY
Jerry looks proud of that little red wagon. I wonder how many miles he pulled it while playing on the farm.


  1. We even took ours in the house for the winter! Great old photo:)

  2. What a great thing to play with for a kid on a farm!! I bet he pulled it many, many miles!

  3. I'm betting that wagon saw a LOT of action. Back then wagons could be anything your imagination could make them.

    I wonder if kids even play with wagons anymore.

    You know my favorite toy when I was about 7? My dad gave me a hammer, a big box on nails and pre-sawed wood. I put a roof on the doghouse. I felt SO GROWN UP. Today we'd be afraid to let a kid have a hammer and nails for fear he'd nail his friend.

  4. He sure looks like a future farmer there. And I agree that that wagon probably saw a lot of use. I wish I had one now!

  5. That is a sweet picture. He's so cute!! And he looks pretty pleased with his wagon.

  6. You don't see kids pulling wagons much these days. So handy in play

  7. I wish we had gotten my son a little wagon when he was smaller, but we had no where to keep it and it would've proven a little cumbersome where we live in the city. My sister and I had one though, and it was not just a toy, it was a workhorse. When I was a teenager, I remember my Dad kept an old engine on it under a tarp for a bit until he was ready to put it in a car he found to swap it into. When the dryer went out, we loaded hte laundry in there to dry at the laundry mat. Ahh wagon memories. Thanks for the trip, Nancy!

  8. I love that photo. I'm guessing Jerry and my uncle Joe were about the same age, and I have to wonder if somewhere, on a farm in upstate NY, around the same time, Uncle Joe and his little red wagon made tracks and memories too...


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