Monday, November 24, 2014

Kismet - revisited

62 x 79 inches

I first posted about Kismet in June 2013. When I returned home from Denver last summer, the bag with the blocks and fabric were pushed aside, and I worked on other projects.

Last week, I decided to get busy and finish the quilt. As shown in the photo, the top is finished. I usually hang the finished tops in my kitchen for a few days to "live with the quilt," and each time I glanced at this quilt, all the brown really bothered me.

Saturday, I decided to order this black/turquoise fabric from the Jenny Beyer website.

This fabric should complement the pumpkins more than the brown did.  I'll post a photo after I receive the fabric. Hopefully, it will not take me another year to finish this quilt.


  1. Oh I think that will be a better match...can't wait to see it:)

  2. Anxious to see what it looks like:)

  3. You know, I think you're right...might be a better color to show off the pumpkins.

  4. Nancy I think its perfect as is...but you are the boss of your quilting! I love the new fabric choice

  5. The brown is good, but the new color might be great. What a good idea this is to hang it up and live with it for a few days. I tend to lay mine on the floor and walk around it for a couple of days when arranging blocks.

  6. That is so pretty, but what a good idea to 'live with it' for a few days to see if you really like it before finally nailing it down! Great idea. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  7. I love browns so I really liked it! :)

  8. Good choice. Are you going to remove the outer brown border or just add another border in this fabric?

    Is this your own design? I really like the blocks inside the pumpkins. Those are pumpkins, right?

  9. Please tell me you are only changing the outer border! I love the pumpkins!


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