Friday, November 14, 2014

Foreign Friday

Acupuncturist sign
Misawa, Japan

I didn't go to an acupuncturist in Japan, but their signs were everywhere.

Have you tried acupuncture?


  1. I have not tried acupuncture myself, but I have several friends that have. They swear that it works.

    I guess a bazillion Chinese people can't be wrong. LOL

  2. The "letters" in that sign are so complicatedly detailed. Not sure I'd remember how to spell that word!!

  3. Such a beautiful written language. My husband has been getting acupuncture this fall for some back problems and it seems to have helped. We have a friend who had huge success with it for an elbow problem that regular doctors had given up on and were suggesting surgery. After just a couple of treatments he could feel the improvement.

  4. I never believed in acupuncture until a friend who broke her back in a fall tried it for the pain and it worked! I haven't had a reason to try it but I think I would if needed.

  5. I have not. The retired Deputy Chief did... he quit smoking.

  6. Gene tried it for his Trigeminal made no difference:(


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