Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gift Yarn Socks - revisited

photo taken November 2, 2014
I displayed one on a sock blocker to fully show the striping effect.
I had a blast knitting these socks. To create matching socks, I found the correct color repeat and cast on from that point. Earlier posts can be seen here.

I had intended to use the reinforcement yarn for the toes, too, but I forgot and then didn't want to frog them back.

This pair is in my sock drawer - I just had to keep them for myself.

Thank you, Ellen for this gorgeous yarn.


  1. Think you will want to show them off when you where them:) Love how they match.

  2. I'm glad you kept these socks; I think they are wonderful. Love the colors!

  3. Wonderful socks! The moment I saw them "Grand Canyon Autumn" popped into my head. I've seen those colors so many times at the Grand Canyon in late October and November. Nice memories!

  4. I can't believe you are already finished the socks. They are absolutely beautiful. I'm still amazed how fast you made them! I'm glad you are keeping them for yourself. I actually got some of this yarn for myself as well. Your stripes are inspiring. I hope I figure out how to get the stripes to match like you!

  5. Fabulous matching job, Nancy! Those really are fun socks; I'd have kept them also.

  6. Beautiful yarn. And it stripes well also. So the reinforcing yarn is added to the heal while you work it? I found a great yarn shop down at the beach house. Needless to say I bought another skein for socks....

  7. Those are happy socks! I'm glad you kept them to warm your feet and your heart.

  8. You'll have HAPPY FEET when you wear those! Good job! Congrats on the finish.


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