Friday, November 28, 2014

Foreign Friday

Singapore National Theatre
December 1979
While in Singapore, my tour group took a side trip to the Singapore National Theatre. I was intrigued by the architecture, inside and outside.

It was the "house" section of the theatre that was unique, as it had no side or rear walls. The theatre was capable of seating 3,420 people.

According to Wikipedia, the theatre was demolished in 1986 due to a structural defect.

Have you ever seen a formal theatre with "open" seating?


  1. What an impressive theatre. Would have been fun to attend a production there. No, I haven't seen seating like that!

  2. It struck me as strange--a structural defect in a theatre with no walls. Hmmmmm. It was beautiful and it is sad that it is now gone.

  3. hmmm structural defect.... glad it's gone:))

  4. From the outside the theater looks like a normal theater. But the back is different. Love the blue and orange seat.

  5. No not a formal theater...but several open air informal ones:)


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