Monday, March 3, 2014

Vintage Advertisement - Lipton

Vintage Lipton Tea advertisement
I drink a LOT of tea: I prefer it to coffee when given a choice. Oddly, I am not a fan of iced tea - I drink it hot, even in the summer. In fact, I brew my tea in an automatic coffee maker.

Lipton was the brand of tea that my mother always purchased; however, my favorite brands or Bigelow, Twinings, Murchies, as well as Harney and Sons.

The tea flavors that I enjoy the most are Earl Grey, Lady Grey, English Breakfast, Oolong, Irish Breakfast. I rarely drink fruit flavored or herbal teas and almost never drink green tea because I drank more than my share of green tea in Japan. I do not add any sweetener to my tea and never add milk.

What do you prefer to drink - coffee or tea?


  1. I like the idea of hot tea, but have never developed a taste for it. Iced tea is my choice--no sugar or sweetener, sometimes a little lemon. For a hot drink, I like strong coffee with sugar and cream--only one cup a day, in the morning.

    I used Lipton for iced tea until we moved to Needville. I now use Luzianne. It works best with our water and tastes great.

  2. Remember when Lipton's was the only choice? I like Earl Grey also but don't drink it very often. I only drink coffee when we go out, and then not too often.

  3. I love my coffee in the morning, but tea the rest of the day. I do love iced tea, but like a good (non-sweet) hot tea too. I really don't like the fruit flavored teas or the sweet coffees either.

  4. I like that vintage advertisement! I often drink coffee...but I really like a nice cup of tea too. I can go either way. I tend to like the kinds of teas you mentioned. No sugar or cream for me either.

  5. My cousin will only drink Lipton tea, and she let's the bag stay in the cup the whole time....steeping until (I think) it's nothing but bitter! Yuk! When I make Lipton, the bag gets dunked for about 10 seconds, and then "get it out of there!" Then a bit of sugar with it! I know......I'm a freak! I do love the herbal teas, but they need to steep for 5 minutes (with a timer!), or they just don't work! But sugar! Again.....a freak! Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile is a beautiful cup of it!

    But I'm really a coffee drinker! Two pots a day......decaf, of course! :o)

    Love the old ad......and didn't Lipton come out with Brisk Iced Tea?

  6. Both ...thank you. Earl Grey plain. Lemon Lift plain. Chai made half and half with tea/milk for a chai tea latte. I love herbal teas when life is stressful and green tea iced all the time. (Yeah ....I might have a little tea addiction going on.)

  7. I cannot stand cold tea, but a cup of hot tea with a bit of sugar is wonderful in the winter time. My husband only drinks cold tea, I make it for him in the microwave and then put it over a bunch of ice cubes and he declares it the best tea ever. I just use the Lipton Tea bags..whatever the regular kind is. I tried some fancy tea once..and didn't like it.


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