Friday, March 28, 2014

Foreign Friday

Cherry Blossoms
Misawa, AFB, Japan
Spring 1980


  1. Yes, very pretty. I would love to see Cherry trees in bloom on a large scale. BTW, Dick has taken the WR kids to Washington, D.C. again this past week, but they totally missed the Cherry blossoms; in fact, they may be trekking around in snow!

  2. I love cherry blossoms! They are among my favorite blooms--at the top of the list with orchids.

  3. Nice photos! Many years ago we used to sing a round called "Sakura" at GS camp. Plum trees and cherries are blooming here now, their petals making "snow" everywhere.

  4. How lovely! It reminds me of college and springtime in DC. The Tidal Basin is the best place for cherry blossom enjoyment in DC!

  5. That is a beautiful picture. I love the bokeh effect of the buildings in the background.


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