Monday, March 17, 2014

Back in Time - Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. . .

Baby Blues
December 7, 2013
When I saw this cartoon in December, I laughed out loud. All through my childhood, I knew if my Mother said, "We'll see" or "Maybe" she meant, "No" and that I had better stop asking.

When my niece, Brenda was about five years old, it became obvious that my Mother's response was not unique and had been passed on to the next generation: I heard Brenda's tear-muffled reply to her Mom and Dad, "It's always maybe, maybe, maybe, but it's never, never, never!" Words of wisdom from the mouth of a child.

Today, whenever I hear someone say, "Maybe" or "We'll see," I know that like my Mom, it most likely means "Never."

Cousins 1973
Larry and Terry S.
Brenda and Dwight M, Bruce and Becky M. 
What phrase or words do you remember your parents saying, when they wanted to soften a "No."


  1. they passed the buck---if you asked Dad he said "Ask your mother" and vice versa---then we knew it was not going to happen

  2. No or ask your Father/Mother...I always thought that was unfair:(

  3. My Mother's was, "I don't know. I'll have to think about it." Her thinking process always took a l-o-o-o-n-g time.

  4. My dad said SURE and then blew us off. Time and time again..

  5. My parents were in the ask the other camp, but I learned how to work that one to mostly get my way. I think by the time I came along my parents were pretty tired of BEING parents so they didn't pay much attention to what was going on with me.

    It worked to my advantage now and then. LOL

  6. Oh those are words I had heard as a child as well. Love Brenda's expression.

  7. My folks would just say "ask your dad" or "ask your mother". Then the other parent would give me the "we'll see". I think they hoped I would give up.

    That cartoon really made me smile. And I'm sure I used the same "we'll see" on my own girls.

  8. My parents never tried to soften the no. Maybe it's because my brother kept after them (mom, actually) when she said maybe.

  9. "Let's see what your father says." My father traveled. Long-distance calls were expensive... he was often never asked.

  10. We'll see was the one I always heard.


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