Friday, March 7, 2014

Foreign Friday

Singapore Market
December 1979
This earlier Foreign Friday post featured the market from a different angle. Today's photo shows the baskets more clearly as well as what they held that day.


  1. cabbages??? Very cool to see the same photo so differently

  2. Cabbage!!!!! YUM!

    We had a big ol' cabbage last night with supper. I would be all OVER those baskets of cabbage.

  3. I love the large baskets...and the cabbage looks fresh!

  4. LOL - well cabbage makes sense. At first glance, I thought it was yarn. :) You ought to write a have visited the most interesting places.

  5. Look at all those cabbages. I LOVE that basket.

  6. Was looking at it in the sun...and I thought it was bread:))) LOL....okay cabbage makes sense:)

  7. I thought it was dough, too. I do remember I asked you what those baskets were for and you said cabbage.


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