Friday, December 20, 2013

Foreign Friday

Senior Class
1980 - 81

Robert D. Edgren High School
Misawa AFB
Misawa, Japan

Back row: Sean Patterson, Lance Kirk, Bettina Quick, Raymond Turner,
Lynn Lackey, Carl Manning, Shelleen Martinson, James Brewer. Middle row:
Carmel Beasley, Jeff Mellot, May Cortezano, Carrie Fear, Noy Bussler,
Steve Naguillen, Peggy Reberry, Selena Arnold, Phil Wood. Front row:
Marble Christensen, Lee Williams, Jona Flynn, Cindy Mathie, Kat Heller,
Shelley Biggs, Emmanuel Bradford, Ray Marriott.

* * * 
I was the sponsor for this class, and after 32 years, two of these individuals still send Christmas cards and letters. I am truly blessed. 

Senior class party
Golf Course Clubhouse
Misawa AFB
Misawa, Japan


  1. That is so cool!

    I'd love to know what happened to some of the kids I taught. I was a long-term sub for 16 years.

  2. I imagine you could find many of them on facebook now. :-)

  3. I think that's pretty amazing that you still hear from a couple of those kids. How thoughtful and sweet.

  4. Oh my gosh! STILL getting Christmas cards..I wish you were my teacher Nancy!!! Zach got some cards and was very touched by his students this week with gifts and cards

  5. It is definitely fun to keep in touch with former students and see what paths their lives have taken. They must have GOOD memories of your classroom if they are still sending letters.

  6. That's wonderful! I still see my 2nd grade teacher regularly, as her husband is on the board at the firehouse.

  7. That is so neat. I'm with Krisit, I bet you could find them on Facebook.


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