Friday, December 13, 2013

Foreign Friday

Private Cemetery
Autumn 1979
This private cemetery was located on the side of a harvested rice field.


  1. The foliage behind it is breath taking....

  2. It is funny how we picture certain places in our mind's eye. I never would think of Japan having "autumn colors". So beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photo with the fall colors and the texture of the field. The tombstones remind me of the small family burial areas you see near some ranches and farms. So interesting! It makes you wonder if the family working the field thinks about their ancestors often because they see the stones all of the time.

  4. I love that, it seems so serene. Happy Weekend :)

  5. How quaint is that! Love the colors of the trees

  6. They must have loved the land and the view to have a cemetery there. I wonder though after many generations does anyone know they are there. I know in Wyoming some of the early settlers graves are marked along the trails going from Big Piney to Afton. :)


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