Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back in Time - Pavillion Players

Community Dinner Theater cast
Pavillion Players
Summer 1995
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I think the name of this melodrama was Wildcat Katie Brown, but I'm not sure. This was the second or third play that I helped Nancy stage with the members of the community, who were known as the Pavillion Players.

Pavillion Players
As shown above, the first melodramas were held in the town park in a large, striped tent rented from Tom Youtz Ford. One night a wind storm nearly lifted the tent off the ground, and had people not held the tent poles it probably would have taken flight. Eventually, the plays were staged at Wind River High School.

The plays and an accompanying meal were usually presented two nights. One year, the food was served in pie pans that my sister Marilyn borrowed from Marie Callender's Restaurant in Denver.

Nancy found caterers for the events, and the cast sold tickets. One year, the proceeds were used to purchase stage lights for the high school drama program.

Another time, I used the PageMaker computer program to layout the play program like an old-fashioned newspaper, and we had it printed on newsprint at the Riverton Ranger (newspaper) office.

Working on these productions and with the Pavillion Players was a lot of fun.


  1. How fun!! I had no idea Marie Callender's had a restaurant.

  2. My children were involved in a couple of melodrama productions in high school. They are a lot of fun for the audience as well as the cast.

  3. What an interesting post. Community theater is a well kept secret all over the country. People in big cities have no idea how much talent is found in small towns. What a clever idea to serve food in pie plates or print the program like a newspaper. Proof - lots and lots of creativity!!

  4. Eating out of pie plates is perfect. That sounds like a really fun production

  5. Community theater ---- the best entertainment in the world! Glad you got to move into the school. Sounds MUCH sturdier! LOL

  6. Oh, didn't we have a blast??!! It was so much fun directing and producing these shows. I miss it!! Great post, and as you can imagine, it brought back a rush of good memories!


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