Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank a Vet

Thank You to all who have served and are currently serving in the military around the world. Because of these dedicated soldiers, citizens are able to take freedom for granted.

Freedom is not free! 

Today, please thank veterans and their family members for the peace of mind they selflessly provide(d).

Check out the Veteran's History Project and search the database of interviews that have already been taken. The stories of more veterans need to be recorded. Do you know an organization that can spearhead this project in your community?

Update: I just read this blog post that contains a photo and a poem about knitting for soldiers. The poem was written in 1915 - amazing.


  1. Yes, thanks to all who have served!

  2. Selflessly is the word because they truly don't believe they have done anything unusual. This morning, as always, I said to my husband, "Thank you for your loving service to our country," and he smiled shyly and changed the subject. They are all amazing men!!

  3. the sacrifice when a young person leaves the comfort of their home and family to SERVE deserves our highest praise!

  4. What a lovely, appropriate post. I feel badly that I didn't get a post up to honor the day - and the veterans.

  5. Hi Nancy Thanks for the link to the History Project! I sent the link to Gene he will enjoy reading. You do so much with the Quilts of Valor..Thank you! :)


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