Thursday, November 7, 2013

House Socks #1

Men's size 12
Pattern: Warm Worsted Socks
Needle size: 5
Yarn: smc Northern Worsted with Wool
         3.5 oz - 218 yds (100 gr - 200 m)
         (Clover Tweed - 3 oz, and Taupe Tweed - 1/2 oz)

This was the first time I've knit with this brand of yarn: it is very similar to Plymouth Encore. It is 78% acrylic, 20% wool, and 2% viscose and is machine washable. The recommended needle size is 7, but I wanted a tighter fabric for the socks.

2.5 inch cuff
4.25 inch leg
2 inch heel flap
7 inches beginning of gusset to toe
11.25 inches heel flap to end of toe


  1. A comfy pair of hand-knitted socks is just the thing to wear around the house on a cold day.

  2. Those look like toasty warm socks, and thank for sharing the pattern.

  3. Will be perfect for a special man for sure.

  4. They look like they will be toasty warm! Lucky guy that gets these.

  5. Gorgeous Nancy! THey look ready for a Wyoming winter....
    THey must have knitted up very quickly on big for socks needles! yeah!

  6. Great job on those socks. It looks very toasty. I have not tried to do a bigger gauge sock, but I think I might, because my eyes are pretty bad.

  7. I love those socks! I ordered sock yarn this morning but I have plenty of worsted so I could get started right now. Thanks Nancy!

  8. I was looking to buy my husband a pair of socks for my husband like this online. (It's not the holidays in our house without a gift of socks & underwear, go figure) I'm not ready to knit him a pair yet, but let me say, those are great I really like the colors. Maybe one day I'll be able to knit like those too.

  9. Wow ... Socks knit with worsted weight yarn. They look great and I was interested I. How little wool (20%) was in them. Hand knit wool socks are way too hot for me in the summer... Heck, shoes are too hot most of the the look of these.

  10. I love those socks, I'm printing that pattern.

  11. What a great pattern! Maybe the Knight's brother will get knitted socks for Christmas to celebrate his new home...


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