Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Beanies

I found one more ball of Katheryn's scrap yarn, and turned it into a baby hat. The colors in this yarn are fun, and I love the stripes.

Inspired by this hat, I decided to turn some of my scrap sock yarn into more baby hats.

These little guys are addictive and what KathyB calls "potato chip" knitting - hard to stop after knitting just one, or two, or three, or . . .

Needles: size 2 circulars
Yarn: assorted, scrap, sock yarn (at least 17 - 19 grams)
Cast on 90 stitches and knit 1x1 rib for one-inch
Knit stockinette stitch until it measures four-inches from the cast-on edge.
Begin decreases:
Row one: knit 8, knit 2 together all the way around
Row two and all other even rows: knit
Row three and all odd rows: continuing decreasing as in row one, by knitting one less before the knit 2 together in each round.
Final round: knit 2 together, cut yarn and thread yarn through live stitches to gather for the top. Weave in ends.

These hats will be donated to a local charity.


  1. Another great way to use up small amounts of sock yarn. Love them!

  2. These are great and I love the way you displayed them:)

  3. Those are such cute hats. Sock yarn does make nice hats for kids.

  4. Very, very cute! I bet the kids (and their parents) will love them.

  5. Adorable hats!! Nothing feels better than knitting for charity and your hats will make some little kids happy and warm!

  6. Keep going, you'll have me knitting yet!
    Very cute

  7. You're amazing! So cute and useful.

  8. Hahah Yes indeed potato chip knitting
    I am so glad you added the pattern for me. I need to whip up a baby hat before SUNDAY

  9. The hats looks great. What a wonderful way to use up your scraps.

  10. Oh, I could probably manage that. It won't help with my Christmas gift knitting, but it would be knitting.

  11. Those are adorable..they must be fun to knit!!

  12. Aww, I love these! I'll definitely knit a couple of cute baby beanies using my scrap yarn :)

  13. In the picture with the green and mix sock yarn the "Oh baby" Pintrest picture What brand was that yarn? Wow do the colors pop. I'll tell you I think sock yarn can be used for cowls, infinity scarves and shawls, socks, gloves with or without fingers mittens - I bet you could do a sweater( the ones with the little buttons top to bottom as well a pullover sweater with a hood or without an afghan would be a challenge but would be warm in cashmere mix ;) Thank You wow I just realized this is an old post oh well if you notice and know off hand what yarn it was spectacular if not ok Wanda


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