Friday, November 8, 2013

Foreign Friday

Tokyo Train Station
Spring 1980
I saw some unique and interesting advertisements in Japan. I can only guess what this billboard was promoting: security or a home. Perhaps, it is simply an advertisement for the zoo -- note the smaller animal sitting behind the larger one.

What do you think is being promoted?


  1. My guess is either a mortgage company or a home security company. Something along the line of "peace of mind"?

  2. The key is significant. Probably as you said, home security.

  3. That has to be an ad for the zoo!! All I thought of when I saw it was the great old Alan Bergman song, "That face, that face, that wonderful face." They are offering zoo lovers the key to fun and joy!!

  4. I bet you're right and it has something to do with home security.

  5. How interesting!! I would say a zoo.

  6. Bananas.....?? He he I dont know

  7. How cute! I'm going with a key/lock company...

  8. I'm thinking something to do with houses or locksmith.


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