Monday, November 25, 2013

Stars of Valor - revisited

Stars of Valor
Quilt of Valor
60 x 70 inches
Stars of Valor is now a completed flimsy, and once I prepare the backing, it will be ready for a volunteer machine quilter to perform her/his magic. Most likely that will not happen until January because now everyone is busy with the holidays.

Pattern: Patriotic Stars, Quilter's Collectibles - Fabric of the Month - May 2007

My Quilt of Valor production was pathetic in 2013: I hope to make more than six in 2014 because the need is so great. A list of my finished Quilts of Valor with links to individual quilts can be found here.

Recently, Quilts of Valor were presented to some veterans in my community. You can read about it and see photos here.

Update: November 25, 2013

As of this afternoon, Stars of Valor is on its way to be quilted by Nancy in WA. Thank you, Nancy for your generous offer.


  1. The border is perfect. I love this one!

  2. I've never quilted ... anything that has to do with sewing makes the hair on my neck stand up

  3. do you have a specific long arm quilter you will send it to? I do long arm quilting you can send it to me!, email me

  4. NANCY

    You did so much this year with the traveling baby blankets and the quilts.
    I think you are a doll. (zach has teacher conferences today: say a prayer for him!)

  5. Beautiful! I am with Kathy B. Completely impressed with your output! And so much for good causes :) You're awesome Nancy!

  6. Beautiful quilt. I think finishing 6 QOV in a year is pretty good. Such a deserving organization to quilt for.

  7. Lovely quilt. I'm behind on getting any QOVs done. I have a few in process but I don't think they'll get done this year but perhaps early in the year. I hope you reach your goal for 2014.

  8. They look so happy wrapped up in their quilts!! I know that makes your heart sing!

  9. I imagine the veterans are so happy to have something so beautiful! Congrats on all the finishes. Your quilt top is LOVELY!

  10. I like the Blue edging! Great article online..and great photos there too..nice to see our Veterans all wrapped up! :)

  11. It looks fantastic and will make a vet very happy. What a great project!

  12. Another beautiful quilt. I'm glad another Nancy stepped in to finish it. You know, some years we make quilt tops and some years we don't. It's all good. I think you can't force something like this - I truly believe handmade items are 'infused' the intentions from which they were made.

    I appreciate all you do for this effort. You inspire me to do more. g

  13. You and your quilts of valor inspire me. When I have free time again, I want to use some of it so creatively, so generously.


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