Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Advent Calendar Scarf KAL

I don't need any more projects in the works, but the Advent Calendar Scarf KAL (Ravelry link) sounds like a lot of fun.

When I found four hanks of Gloss Lace in two separate colorways in my sewing room, it seemed as though it was meant to be.

Knit Picks - Gloss Lace
70 percent merino, 30 percent silk
440 yards in each hank - total 880 yards
size 2 needles
 I chose the soft grey (Sterling) that has a hint of blue in low light.

The finished scarf will look something like this.

Daily, from December 1 - 24, the 2013 pattern will be posted here. The Ravelry group (the first link given) will offer help and encouragement. Be forewarned the group is large (1,400 members, the last time I checked) and is VERY chatty.

The original scarf is 50cm wide and 200cm long, which is nearly 20 inches wide and 78 inches long. Several on the Ravelry group mentioned knitting a narrow version, which is more realistic for me to knit and to actually use, so I'll be knitting the narrow scarf. I do not plan to use any beads although they do look great in the scarves that were finished last year.

I have no plans of pushing myself to get the scarf finished by January, but it's my goal to finish by March 2014.

The daily patterns are both charted and written and offered in German and English.

Patterns (in English) for previous Advent Calendar Scarves can be found here:

Patterns (in German) for previous Advent Calendar Scarves can be found here:

Come on, you know you want to join this Knit A Long. . . Right?


  1. I've never heard of this knit-along before. I know you will end up with a great looking scarf. If this wasn't such a busy time of year for me, I might join you. Knowing how I operate, I'd lose interest if I didn't knit each section as it is published.

  2. That's a very pretty scarf, and the colors you picked are beautiful. Now I'm anxious to see your completed scarf.

  3. Really 24 days? That seems like nothing ! I love the idea of the Advent scarf. I love that you choose those lovely calming colors Nancy! Zach is doing fine with conferences....not as bad as he expected!

  4. I've heard of this before but never joined in. I love your yarn and colors. I might have to look and see if it's been done in one color and how much yarn it takes - might be a great project! g

  5. Ooooo Nancy, tempting indeed, but I am already behind on what "I meant to be knitting" this winter. I just added a teacher gift into the mix. (This is me talking myself down off the ledge.) I can't do it. However, I look forward to watching your progress! Maybe next year!

  6. Oh gorgeous colors Nancy. And you had them in your stash? I might be able to find great fabrics in a stash but great yarn, probably not. I will cheer for you on the side and calmly work on my stocking knit hanger cover. Someday it'll be done and I'll blog about it.

  7. What a neat idea. I'll have to see if I can make it work. Maybe I'll knit with your March goal in mind... or next Advent?

  8. That sounds tempting, but I need another project like I need a hole in the head.

  9. Sounds like fun. I just have to figure out where it fits on that new calendar I just made. I keep telling myself that I have to have some fun time, so this could be it!

  10. That is such a pretty pattern, and your yarn is pretty, too. The idea of knitting along appeals to me, but realistically, that isn't going to happen this year. Have fun, though!

  11. Oh it is beautiful! I am sure yours will be just as lovely:)

  12. Sounds like a great idea...but do you have a knit a new scarf every year:)?

  13. Believe it or not, I'm still on Day 17 of the 2010 scarf and am going to stop there because it's getting too long. Thanks for the reminder to get it out!

  14. Ooooh, that is really tempting. I'm going to have to look in my stash to see if I have some lace yarns that will work together that beautifully. I sure like the looks of the scarf.


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