Monday, July 22, 2013

Wild Kingdom

Wild Bison
Yellowstone National Park
July 2013
Last Sunday while my sisters were visiting, we made a road trip to Yellowstone National Park. We saw some beautiful country and some pretty stupid people.

The buffalo behind the man in the photo came up from the river, not more than 10 feet from this crazy man who no doubt wanted the "perfect" photo.

Many tourists don't understand the concept that the animals roaming in Yellowstone National Park are wild and dangerous. Every year, buffalo gore (and sometimes kill) tourists who do not heed the National Park Service warnings to keep their distance from the animals in the Park.

Despite their size, buffalo can move quickly. Note the twitching tail, flattened ears, and wide eyes of the buffalo in the first photo - all signs of an agitated animal.

For the record, ALL of the photos in this post were taken from inside the vehicle.

Taken from the safety of the vehicle
not more than 60 feet from the man in the photo shown above
Enjoy the great outdoors, but please use caution around wild animals.


  1. Wow, those are some fascinating pictures. Do the buffalo ever charge at vehicles? Yellowstone is one of the places on my bucket list.

  2. They are interesting animals. I think tourist look at them like cows or something like that...all docile and etc.

  3. Those CRAZY TOURISTS! You got some great shots from a safe distance...and he could have too!

  4. That was a close call. I'm glad he wasn't hurt.

  5. Nancy

    It is disturbing to see folks react that way. I, however, impulsively leapt out of our car last year in Yosemite to get a bear picture. ME!!! How stupid! But it was so exciting I reacted before I thought. Luckily the bear was way down the ravine by then. What was I thinking...oh yeah...I wasn't thinking!

  6. Yes, common sense is not so common anymore, is it? Sigh. Love your photos - Yellowstone is such a beautiful place.

  7. Good grief that man must have a death wish! I will not let our dogs out in the backyard when the longhorn come up to the fence because I know they could come through it if they wanted to!

    I'm sure that man's pictures are not any better than yours!

  8. amazing creatures. I'd love to go visit that park. I swear I see injuns in the distance!


  9. Some tourists are nuts, I agree! We saw folks with cameras way out on ledges beyond the fences at the Grand Canyon. I've seen folks up close to the bison also. Living dangerously, for sure.

  10. Never underestimate the stupidity of tourists. Friends and I were hiking Tallulah Gorge. It clearly says "stay away from the edge" and there is a fence. Some idiot climbed under the fence to stand at the edge -----does he not realize that rocks are actually NOT attached to the earth? How does he think all those boulders got down IN the river? Sheesh! And, there he is with his stupid self, squatting on a pebbley area.

    Even with the little, overly-friendly raccoons, I keep my distance. My photos are taken with a zoom lens.

  11. In May, we drove through the National Buffalo grasslands in South Dakota. Everywhere it is posted DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE. We are stopped on the road and a buffalo crosses in front of us. In the car behind us, a lady gets out and stands at our back bumper to get her picture. Just nuts!
    We had a spectacular time seeing all the wild life in spite of a few crazy people. The Black Hill of So. Dakota is my favorite place to visit. Pat McDonald

  12. Beautiful, WILD animals. I wish reading comprehension was still taught in schools. Or respect for authority. Or best of all, BOTH! ;)

  13. We were awed by how fast those Buffalo move last year when we were there. I saw some people running toward a momma moose with her baby! Umm - no chance in ...



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