Thursday, July 25, 2013

Command Performance

Old Faithful geyser
Yellowstone National Park
July 2013
A visit to Yellowstone National Park is not complete without viewing Old Faithful.

A portion of the crowd gathered near Old Faithful Inn,
waiting for Old Faithful to erupt. 
My sisters and I were there along with hundreds of others to watch this somewhat predictable geyser.

Even though I've lived in Wyoming all but two years of my life, I've only seen Old Faithful three times.

More information about Old Faithful and Old Faithful Inn can be found here and here.


  1. Great shot of Old Faithful! I normally steer clear of crowds like that, but I'll put up with them to see something this spectacular. Been there once.

  2. It certainly draws a crowd. LOL

    When it blows, does it smell like sulpher?

  3. Well, you got a postcard photo of the geyser erupting! Beautiful. I haven't seen Old Faithful more than 3 times myself. It's quite a site, as are many of the geysers, pools, mud pots, and waterfalls in the Park. I love the story that when the first explorers reported back to Washington what they saw here, they thought these boys had been in the sun too long!

  4. Great photo, and good for you, braving the crowds! Yellowstone is such a fun place to explore.

  5. I love Old Faithful!! I last saw it in 2002 and it warms my heart to know that it still commands attention today.

  6. Neat!! I want to see it in person one day too.

  7. What an incredible sight! I hope to see it one day.

  8. It is beautiful! I have seen it once:)

  9. I worked with my husband bk-before kids-for nine months. I never tired of watching her blow! A few times in the evening we had her all alone to ourselves. Which as you can see is a treat!



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