Monday, July 1, 2013

Painting the Sky - Guest Post

Indian Paintbrush
by Sheila N.
June 2013
Isn't that photo beautiful - I love the perspective. Sheila tried something different with her camera - shooting from the viewpoint of the flowers. The result is stunning.

On a recent day trip, Sheila and her husband found an abundance of Indian Paintbrush on South Pass, and shared her photos with me. (Thanks, Sheila)

Indian Paintbrush is Wyoming's state flower, but I didn't know that the blooms are edible until I prepared this post.


  1. Nice perspective. Looks like rain could be in those clouds.

  2. Oh - my all time favorite flower!! I wonder why!! What a wonderful photo!! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


  3. Nancy

    Great perspective...the red against the grey sky is stunning. You can eat them huH???

  4. Wonderful photo! We have a little Indian paintbrush growing here in the woods, but it is widely scattered. I always enjoy stumbling across some. Your photos make me long to go out West again. Thanks!

  5. I sure like this photo! A great shot, Sheila! The Indian paintbrush looks good this spring.

  6. I love Indian Paintbrush any way it's pictured. Did you try it ever?

  7. Lovely, lovely photos. And yes - did you sample it? g

  8. Wow. Frame-worthy! (And what does it taste like?)

  9. Beautiful..that is such a beautiful plant! :)


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