Friday, July 19, 2013

Foreign Friday

Misawa AFB
Late Summer
Due to the abundance of rain, snow, and high humidity, Japan has lush vegetation. This unidentified vine was growing near the base beach.

Mildew, moss, and mold were also very common and required vigilance in the house to keep it in check.


  1. You probably never have to worry about that in Wyoming. :)

  2. Beautiful. The weather conditions sound too similar to ours here in podunk. I'm melting.

  3. Same thing here and sometimes....the mold wins!

  4. what did you do for mold Nancy?? just curious

  5. It's such a treat to see lush vegetation! Pretty!

  6. That looks like English Ivy to me. We had the same mold problem in Germany. I lived with a can of Lysol in my hand. It seemed to help for a few days or a week, then the mold came back.

  7. I never thought about the humidity there, but it stands to reason with water all around. We're humid but don't have to battle mold daily.

    I love ivy covered houses. They look so cozy. But I'm glad I don't have to keep it in check.


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