Sock Yarn War

Sock yarn stash
91 skeins
May 8, 2013
Cheryl and I have been bantering about our yarn stash, and I bet her that I had more sock yarn than she did.

Yesterday, we each counted our skeins: Cheryl had 35+ in her stash, and after rooting through baskets and bins, I found 91 skeins (enough to make 83 pair of socks for my size 10 feet).

Most of the yarn was on sale or in the clearance bins. I seldom pay full price for any type of yarn.

Here's the breakdown:

Noro sock -  11
Cherry Tree Hill - 21
Opal - 15
Austermann Step - 4
Los Angeles - 3
Trekking - 1
Regia - 1
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock - 2
Knit Picks - 2
Alpaca sock - 1
Indie-dyed - 2
Cascade sock - 6
Crazy Zauberball - 1
Patons Ragg - 4 (2 pair of socks)
Regia - 1 (to be used with another color for socks)
Grand Prix - 1 (to be used with another color for socks)
Pace - 1 (to be used with another color for socks)
Flat Feet - 3
Zino - 2 -   gifted May 2013
Red Heart (Heart and Sole) - 4 (2 pair of socks)
Paton Kroy - 2 (1 pair of socks)
Bamboo and Ewe - 2 (1 pair of socks) gifted May 2013
Regia silk - 1 (to be used with another color for socks) gifted May 2013

Revised Total: 91 skeins 80 skeins
                       83 pair of socks  77 pair of socks

I found more yarn than I expected. Yikes, it's time to get the needles flying!

Have you counted your sock yarn lately?


  1. I'm afraid to count it. I am on a self imposed embargo of sock yarn because I won't be able to get the lid on the bin if I put any more in the bin. LOL

  2. Lalala... can't hear you... ;)

  3. I don't have much sock yarn, but I do have countless skeins of other yarn. I really ought to pick up my needles, too.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Made me chuckle... have fun!!!

  5. I haven't counted, but if you and I were in a contest, you would win. I'm guessing I have enough skeins for about 20 pair of socks.

  6. I'll take a couple finished socks. Lol. Oh my goodness. I wouldn't dare take a picture of all my quilt kits. It probably would break the camera.

  7. I am not laughing........I am not laughing.........I am not laughing........ok, I admit it, I am laughing my fanny off! Now, hmm, are you going to inventory baby yarn? scarf yarn? worsted weight yarn? specialty yarn? and then, what about knitting books? and we have not even discussed fabric and quilting, have we??? Laughing, laughing, laughing......(SK)

  8. Wow!!! I bow to the sock yarn Queen!! Yes, I would say that you need to start knitting socks--no excuses accepted! So funny. Thanks for starting the day with a good laugh!

  9. That is a lot of yarn, I am truly impressed! You are making me really think about how much I have sitting around. You knit so quickly and in such volume, I'll bet you'll run through it all before you know it!

  10. Oh wow, you win hands down in my book ;)

  11. Yes. Enough sock yarn to make 223 pairs of socks. Enough sweater yarn for 6 sweaters. Enough kitchen cotton for many dishcloths and a crap-ton of cross stitch supplies.

    There you have it. ;-)

  12. I have not taken an inventory - but Rav says I have 138 hanks of sock yarn. I don't know how many pairs of socks that would make. plus - I know it's not current. I used to only 'collect' sock yarn. Then a few years back I decided I was going to knit sweaters - now I have enough yarn for about 13 sweaters stashed. Must.knit.more. g

  13. Snicker!!!
    I think I want to go in and count my sock yarn now. Or maybe I don't. I do love your picture! You have some gorgeous colors! Have fun picking the next yarn. :)

  14. OH MY gosh. I CLEARLY need to stash UP. I have less than 20 skeins of any yarn in my stash.
    I try to be monogamous...
    BUt I have finally caught startitis. IT IS SO FUN comparitively.

    I want all the Cherry HIll and your lorna's laces !!! HA AHA.

    Im ready to sock knit like crazy again> I go in spurts. IM sore from the big needle and big yarn knits I've been finishing. HEre come the socks.

    Thanks for the image and coming clean!!

  15. Now there's a scary thought!

  16. Sheesh! A quick count (which may not be totally accurate) reveals enough yarn for 24 pair of socks. That does not include the 2 pair that are on the needles now. This means I have over a 2-year supply of socks yarn, plus 1 hank of lace yarn I got on sale (not sure what I was thinking), and enough worsted to make a lovely shrug. Fly, needles... FLY!


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