Thursday, May 2, 2013

Catch of the Day

Kona, Hawaii
June 1976
I was intrigued when I saw this man (probably the local guide) cleaning a fish on the dock for one of his customers.

Kona (on the big island) is one of my favorite places to visit in Hawaii. I've been there twice: first in 1976 with a friend on a formal tour and again in 1985 with my sister and niece. In 1985, we rented a car and drove the perimeter of the island at our leisure. The diversity of scenery is amazing: rugged coastlines, black-sand beach, an active volcano, lava fields, coastal towns, green rolling hills, dry plains.

Do you have a favorite place to visit in Hawaii?


  1. I haven't been to Hawaii, though I've always wanted to go. Maybe one day...

  2. I have been to several of the islands and can't pick a favorite...each has its own way of being special. We went to the big island one year and like you rented a car and drove clear was a great experience from ranching to lava to the ocean.

  3. Good picture! I really liked the Big Island and the town of Kona too. (Even named my dog Kona.)I was amazed at the black sand beaches and the volcano. But I liked touring Kauai because it was even less populated, and it had fabulous beaches and coves for snorkeling. It has Hawaii's "Grand Canyon" and beautiful waterfalls. All the islands are great vacation spots!

  4. I've never been, but I should. I have an elementary school friend that lives on the big island.

    That is a HUGE fish. I bet someone had some good eatin'!

  5. I LOVE anything Hawaii. I have only been to Maui once.....
    Maybe now that i fly again..........
    but then the pull of Virginia with AL is too strong!

  6. It's strange that the Air Force moved us all over the world but never to Hawaii. I would love to visit there!

  7. I haven't visited Hawaii in years but I've been there three times. The last time we took our kids who were in elementary school. We all enjoyed it. Hum, I wonder if it is time to go again?


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