Friday, May 24, 2013

Foreign Friday

Rice plant
northern Japan
Rice paddies were common sites in northern Japan. Previous posts can be seen here.

In Japan, rice is served with nearly every meal and is usually sticky so it can be easily eaten with chopsticks.

electric rice cooker

Prior to living in Japan, I did not eat much rice, but once I discovered the electric rice cooker in a Japanese department store, I was a convert. Perfect rice every time; no fuss and no mess.

Tanya (who lives in Japan) recently wrote a post about a class field trip to the rice fields in her area. Read her post about Rice Planting Class here.


  1. Rice cookers are very popular in Louisiana. That's where I was first introduced to them. Best way to cook rice!

  2. I remember the rice 1970 when I was there.. I loved watching the women working in the fields..

  3. Thanks for the close-up of the rice plant. I've never seen one in person. I'm not a big rice-eater, but I did own a rice cooker for a while (for the dog... who was a big rice-eater).

  4. I love my rice cooker and we use it all the time :) I'll have to check out your links.

  5. Say, that was really interesting to read about the children planting rice! By the way, your top picture of the rice plant is beautiful.

    Rice goes really well with so many dishes! I'm a fan.

  6. We have a rice cooker too. FIreman loves BOTAN rice for sticky factor. Yum

  7. I love my rice cooker and I like it sticky!! I don't think that I knew what a rice plant looked like. Thanks for the photo!

  8. I cannot believe I never had a rice cooker until now, they are absolutely amazing! I'm still working on perfecting sticky rice though, any suggestions?


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