Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back in Time - Under the Stars

cousins sleeping under the stars
approximately 1955 or 1956
The farm house had three bedrooms, so guests often slept on a roll-away bed in the living room. The roll-away was stored in my parents' closet for such occasions. Later, my mother purchased a sofa bed. Neither was too comfortable.

It wasn't typical for the roll-away to be placed outside, so the cousins must have wanted to "sleep under the stars."

My sister, Marilyn, is the girl on the bottom right in the photo. I think the other girls were our cousins who lived in Lance Creek, Wyoming and later in Brush, Colorado. Maybe Marilyn will leave a comment and add some information.

Throughout my childhood, my two sisters and I slept together in a double bed. The bedroom was small and didn't have a closet until I was in high school. Before that, we hung our clothes on the back of the bedroom door and shared a small dresser.


  1. Must have seemed like a fun adventure at the time. My parents let us "camp out" in the backyard on occasion, but we slept in a tent.

  2. Looks like fun. I shared a bedroom with my sister until I was 8...she was 16.

  3. That photo is simply adorable, they must have had a long day full of adventures for them to be so tuckered. I shared a bedroom with my brother and sister when my family lived in California in tiny rental houses for a few years, apparently it was a challenge to get us to all settle down every night.

  4. Awwww...sleeping kids! Too cute

    I remember sleeping on the porch at the great-aunt's house in the summertime. It was MUCH cooler out there with a breeze off the bay. The house was stiffling hot ALL summer.

  5. and you turned out just fine!!

    I love that image of them sleeping toe to toe outside!!

    What a great image its a keeper

  6. Fun! I slept under the stars on camping/hiking/backpacking trips, and I remember one birthday party with an outdoor slumber party... Good times.

  7. That picture is a prize. Four girls finding a comfy way to share a bed under the stars.

    The three sisters in a double bed...must have been cozy. A simpler time.

  8. What a fun memory for me. Me and my cousin used to sleep under the stars.

  9. I was the oldest girl followed by two boys so I had my own room and my own bed..they had to share and had twin beds. I love to sleep out of door if the bugs are not too bad...I love looking at the sky. Great old photo! :)


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