Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What a Concept

spotted in New Ulm, MN
May 2012
I spotted this sign on a bar across the street from a quilt shop in New Ulm, MN. I wonder how many women took advantage of the "service."


  1. I wish every shopping center, mall, spa, yarn shop, etc. in the country was affiliated with the like. The Knight CAN be a fabulous shopper; he has picked out some of my favorite dresses, and they're things I never even noticed.


    That's his alter ego, and I don't know how to draw THAT out. Most of the time I have the sullen or glaring man who is mumbling about my lack of need for whatever I am purchasing.

    (Note to husbands: In general, informing us we don't need it only cements the real need in our minds.)

  2. I'm not big on shopping and usually it's my husband that has to drag me out to get the things I need. He's the one that convinced me I needed a stash of yarn to knit from. If not for him, I'd be buying yarn for projects as needed. I'd say we are an atypical couple when it comes to shopping.

  3. WOW!! What a place....except mine LIKES fabric who can figure that one out??

  4. Great concept. My husband would go into the fabric shop and then wander across the street. g

  5. HAHA! That would be right down my DH's alley! He is so patient about waiting for me while I shop... he visits with anyone around. However, it does cause me to hurry even though he never complains. That kind of puts a damper on things, knowing he is waiting and probably ready to go.

    Thanks for sharing. Now I am sending a link of this post to his email.

  6. What a great idea!! I've been dragging DH around for 50 years. The idea that I could park him somewhere and come back to get him is a dream I never dared to dream!! Just think about it--I could have shopped twice as much in my lifetime!

  7. Hysterical.......just so funny

  8. Love that! American enterprise at it's best!

  9. That is TOO funny. I love it. Can I borrow it for my facebook? LOL


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