Friday, May 18, 2012

Foreign Friday

Misawa, Japan
Spring 1980

I drove by this Holiday Inn, which was near one of the base gates, often; however, I never did go to check it out. Despite being a familiar business, it was the two misspellings on the sign - desco and tenpra - that caught my eye.

No matter how it is spelled, tempura or tenpura is definitely delicious, and I am sure those who went to the disco didn't care how it was spelled on the sign.


  1. Too bad no one caught the mistakes before the sign was installed. I wonder if they even knew?

  2. NOw that's funny. D o you have a McDonald's sign from Japan too?

  3. That is funny... I wouldn't of thought anything of it... I would of just thought that was the way the Japanese spell it:)

  4. :) I wonder if they every fixed the mistake?


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