Friday, May 4, 2012

Foreign Friday

Antenna on Security Hill
Misawa AFB
Autumn 1979

This elephant cage antenna was said to be the largest in the Far East and was a part of a worldwide network to monitor communication from the former Soviet Union, China, and North Korea. Construction of the antenna began July 1, 1963, and it was finished in March 1965. It has since been removed probably due to evolving technology and digital communication.

The facility, one of the last of its kind, sat next to Misawa Air Base on a 39 acre plot, called Security Hill.


  1. I can see how it got the name elephant cage. Nice photo!

  2. Had never heard of this learning new things.

  3. another very cool image on another very cool foreign Friday

  4. Fascinating. I'd never heard of such, but technology makes lots of things "history".

  5. A major historic relic!! My husband really enjoyed seeing your photo! Too bad it is gone.

  6. So interesting. Sharing with my daughter whose good friend was born and raised in Japan, the son of an American career military man. I wonder what he or his father knows of it? Great links to Stripes and Wikipedia.


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