Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simply Precious

After I knit baby sweaters for my sisters' grandmother boxes using Bernat Jacquard yarn, Cheryl (a knitting buddy) suggested a preemie blanket using five different colorways. She purchased the yarn, and we determined the color order. Sheri (another knitting buddy) was recruited to knit a section.

The blanket was knit in stockinette stitch with a garter stitch border. Since the edges have a tendency to curl, Cheryl will probably add a crochet edge.

This precious, preemie blanket doesn't have a name.


  1. This one turned out so pretty!

  2. This little blanket turned out so cute. We will have to do it again someday.

  3. The last two blankets are so pretty. Such delicate colours!

  4. Wish I could come up with a suggestion for a name that would be cleaver and match how cute it is but am afraid I can't.

  5. I especially love the to end patterns. I don't have a cute name for you either.

  6. I think Precious suits it fine. Those yarns came together beautifully as that sweet little blanket. g

  7. Well as much as I love the creative blankies, I do like the coordinated look of this one....

  8. This blanket turned out so well. I love it! We do need to do a similar project some time.
    Rebel Follower


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