Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sky Scarf

Sky Scarf in progress
started Easter Sunday - April 8, 2012
Alpaca lace-weight yarn - size 3 needles
I was intrigued when Grace (Lovin Comfort Knits) posted about about the Sky Scarf in January. It sounded like a lot of fun.

My friend, Cheryl started the project on the first day of Spring, but I didn't get into the game until Easter Sunday. Since yarn shops are few and far between in this area, Cheryl and I both ordered the kit available from Leaf Cutter Designs. The price of the yarn is reasonable, and it arrived quickly. The kit includes the pattern, but "the pattern" (it is all garter stitch) is also available here free. 

Since only two rows are knit each day, I write the color of the sky on my desk calendar for each day. When I change the calendar the next day, the sheet goes in the Sky Scarf basket, and once a week I sit down to knit.

One fiber guild member is weaving a Sky Scarf, and another is knitting a Sunset Scarf, using the colors of each day's sunset.

Please note that Leaf Cutter has another scarf project which sounds fun if you belong to some social networking sites. Details are on the Leaf Cutter Designs link, given above.


  1. This sounds like a fun way to knit a scarf. I've seen a couple of different designs being knit this year based on this idea, but I didn't know about the kit. I like your weekly way of knitting the days. Are you leaving the yarn attached and carrying the colors up the side?

  2. Where are these social networking sites? Which do you belong to? Love how organized you are and how faithful.

  3. I love that you are doing a sky scarf too! I didn't know there were sunset scarves this year too!!! Given my work schedule maybe I will do a night SKY scarf!!!

  4. What a neat idea!! yes... how do you find out of things like that??

  5. Neat concept(s). I totally lack the follow-thru though...

  6. I've been planning to start a Sky Scarf so thank you for the link. I downloaded it and will start today!

  7. That sky scarf is turning out so well. It looks like fun.
    Rebel Follower

  8. it looks great, I was working on mine last night and can't believe it is almost 5 full months already. They can be addictive I have a friend who leaves for work about 4 most days her scarf is all kinds of color, including black with stellina, white with stellina and every kind of color for the weekend days when she rises later.


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