Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quilt Inspiration

Saturday, I attended the Winter Quilt show with my friend, Sheri. We wandered through the large building that was packed with quilts for nearly two hours. The quilt, shown above was gorgeous, yet the blocks and quilting were very simple. I especially liked the corner border design.

The fabric resembling a crossword puzzle, grabbed my eye on this quilt. The block, made with different fabric placement, is rotated and repeated throughout the entire quilt.

Another example of using a simple block and off-set placement to make a stunning quilt.

The rectangles of feature fabric were framed and then separated with white sashing. It doesn't get any easier than that.


  1. Ooh - what pretty quilts. My friends and I are going to the local quilt show coming up in a few weeks. I can hardly wait. It's always so inspiring to see someone else's handiwork. I love the quilts that you found!

  2. These quilts prove that a simple design doesn't have to be boring. Very pretty!

  3. Beautiful. I love a quilt show... that first one sure is unique and stunning!

  4. Sometimes the simplest designs make the best quilts. Just rectangles. But isn't it pretty!!!

  5. What lovely quilts! I love going to quilt shows. Can't wait to see how you incoporate this inspiration into your sewing. g

  6. both are pretty..sometimes I think it is all about fabric will make or break a least for me:)

  7. Wow, those quilts are awesome :)


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