Contrasting Spires

Pavillion Methodist Church
Pavillion, WY
February 2012

Just one block west of the old school and directly behind the school superintendent's house, the Methodist church has been a integral part of Pavillion since the late 1940s.

I remember attending a Baccalaureate service in this building a week before my high school graduation. In 1969, the pine trees were barely as tall as the roof line. Now, the entry is practically hidden by the two large green spires.

Sadly in cases like this, the trees are felled. Have you noticed that trees are commonly planted without considering how large they will eventually grow?


  1. We moved into a house once where two cedars were planted too close to the front of the house. It swallowed the entrance just like the trees in your picture are and yes, we did have to remove them. We were renting the house at the time and the landlord agreed to take them down. However, much of the greenery was used to make garland to decorate a local church building for Christmas and the rest was shredded and used for mulch.

  2. This is one of the few things I think my nearest city is doing well. I joked that the now-retired-and-on-city-council former planning dept. head cared more about trees than people, but he really did require all new development to thing about what they were planting!

  3. Sadly they are planted, as WoolWinder pointed out, too close to the buildings. This happened in our neighborhood and mature trees had to be removed. It changed the appearance of the neighborhood and I feel like I'm living in a different place.

  4. Interesting tree thoughts, now that we are older, we plan our tree plantings better than when we were just young things....
    THe CHurch is still lovely tree or not

  5. This happens all the time everywhere in the world I've ever lived. Even the 'dwarf' varieties that aren't meant to get too big seem to get too big. But we love our trees and when one is removed, we assess and hopefully plant a better choice suited to the location.

  6. How true... We lived in a house built in 1912...the trees were huge...and way too many...we had to take some down....but I think when you want it to look good right maybe that is why we tend to plant them to close...and to many?

  7. Beautiful picture ....

    Our neighbor just cut down 3 oak trees that were planted too close to their home. The roots cracked their foundation.

    Now they have a HUGE repair issue.

  8. Sounds like my house! The previous owner forgot that trees do grow big. I hate to cut them down. One huge (beautiful) maple at the corner of our garage is just one of them....we keep trimming....

  9. How sad... We have had to take down various trees through our lives -- including one that was about a 12" away from our bedroom window. Cost a fortune but was much safer without the tree there. And, of course, took trees down that threatened our house in PA after one fell on it. Sigh...


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