Foreign Friday

Miura Tamaki
diva in "Madame Butterfly"
Glover Garden
Nagasaki, Japan
April 1980
The design and atmosphere of Glover Garden depict the image many people have of the scenes in the short story and opera "Madame Butterfly" by Puccini. Glover House has thus been named "Madame Butterfly House." Statues of Puccini and diva Miura Tamaki (1884 - 1946), who played Cio-Cio-san, have been placed in Glover Garden.

It was dreary when we toured the garden and the house, but it was still beautiful.


  1. It looks like a lovely place to visit. As usual, I enjoyed reading more in the links you posted. I always learn something at Wyoming Breezes.

  2. I too look forward to my Friday travelogues... Thank you!

  3. Oh sweetie, it looks like a marvelous place to visit cloudy or not.

    Thanks for givin' us a wee taste of the garden's beauty.

    God bless ya and have a fantabulous weekend my friend!!! :o)


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