Foreign Friday

Drinking Competition
Sapporo, Japan
February 1981
I joined several friends for a weekend at the Sapporo Snow Festival in February 1981. One evening we went to a German bar just down the street from our hotel. The place was hopping with live music and a rowdy crowd. Close your eyes and imagine German music and a mix of Japanese and German beers in a crowded Japanese city. The evening was a lot of fun.

My friends "volunteered" me to take part in a beer-drinking competition. The contents in the mugs clearly show who had real talent for this event. (The woman to my right in the black kimono won with amazing speed.) I discovered it is extremely difficult to drink beer through a straw: I don't recommend it.


  1. Never heard of such a competition but it could be fun:) That is one long straw!

  2. LOL I can only imagine how much that hurts the throat.

    Congrats to the lady in black ----

  3. Ugh! Sounds awful. I can barely sip beer when I am in the mood for one - about once every decade!

    Looks fun though. What a good sport you are!

  4. At least ya gave it the old college try!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  5. LOl..that is to funny... ! It must of been fun though.

  6. that is too funny~~~! fireman will now have to try it

  7. A German bar in Japan...that's interesting! Looks like you had fun :)

  8. What are friends for - but to get us into beer drinking contests!!! Boy, were those the days.....

  9. yum.. wait I don't even like beer! But it looks like fun. Once again I like your odd ball blanket -- and yep it reminds me of cookies.

  10. Look at that long straw..I have never tried a straw with beer..but I am not a beer drinker either:)


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