Foreign Friday

Home Economics Class
Sanbongi Nougyou Agricultural School
Towada, Japan
August 1979

Yes, even Japanese cooks leave just-washed dishes to air-dry. I am not sure how all of these utensils were used, but I found the display interesting as we toured the school. It almost looked like someone had set up a still life.


  1. I love to travel through your pictures!!

  2. I love this picture. And it's fun to try to guess how the utensils are used. The sticks might be rolling pins and the woven piece looks like it might be for straining or steaming. I have no idea what the bowl with hole would be used for. If you ever discover the use of these, I'd love to know.

  3. I wonder if those sticks are rolling pins or mixing stick/spoons? interesting :)

  4. In my artistic eye it does look like a still~life set up.

    I don't know how the utensils are used either but they are interestingly beautiful.

    Have a blessed and beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  5. hmmmm, leaving them to dry on wood is very foreign to me....
    cool image

  6. Interesting utensils....and air dry is the only way to go...we have to hand wash all our dishes down here... (poor us:)


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